Friday, December 15, 2006

my feveret diz week n forward

Sassy girl chunhyang

Chun-hyang is the top student in her school. Despite her poor family background, she is resilient, cheerful and bright. She makes her own money and excels in whatever she does. She is the idol of all her peers.
Lee Mong-ryong is the trouble making son of a Police chief. He is constantly getting into trouble and has the grades to match them. MR transfers to Namwon when his father was moved to head the Police Force in that area. Although CH and MY did not get off on a good start but due to an unexpected twist of fate, they had to get married to restore CH's honor. Both agreed to stay married until after high school and then decide how they should take their lives from there.
However, their married life is constantly marred by MR's unrequited affection to his first love CR. CH helped MR pass his university entrance exams but choose to end their relationship when she found out that CR wishes to accept MY's affection.
MR is upset by CH's decision and goes in search of CH. He feels confused about his feelings for CH. The situation is complicated with the introduction of a charismatic and charming CEO of an entertainment company, Byung Hak-do who is vying for CH's heart too.
But the young couple overcame all their insecurities and misunderstanding for each other and learned to love and cherish each other wholeheartedly. They decided to hold their wedding ceremony to formalize their marriage. But their plans are thwarted by HD who became obsessed with CH.
HD manages to set MR up with a crime he did not commit and used evidence of the "crime" to force CH to leave MR. In her effort to protect MR, CH divorces MR and left with HD. MR is heart-broken, but HD does not get CH either as she runs away from HD as well.
Many years later, MR graduate from law school and is a famous prosecutor with the government. CH hides from both HD and MR in Pusan, running her own accessory business. HD tries to locate CH all these years while hiding the fact from the rest that CH is actually not with him

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ryu_hana said...

cerita apakah ini? Cerita Korea? TV bape? Kul bape?

Anonymous said...

citer korea. tv8. 7-8pm.